About Us


Covington & Co. Clothing is an online shop and storefront based out of Houghton, MI. We are so proud to be a small business with a culture of community and connection between our customers and team here!

 Our mission is to bring amazing women clothing that they can feel comfortable and confident in. We love helping create a simplified wardrobe that makes getting dressed stress-free and fun! Every piece is handpicked with women of all walks of life in mind. What I love most about the brand we’ve created is that our clothing is for everyone and the everyday. It's so special to us when you choose to make Covington & Co. your own and a part of your lifestyle! Our goal is to set ourselves apart in the industry in the way that we care about our customers and make personal connections while helping them find pieces that they love. We also pride ourselves in the level of quality we’ve poured into our products, brand marketing, and customer service. People are often surprised when they come to find we are a small owned business, operating with a very minimal team.

 All great things have humble beginnings and we are proud of how far we’ve come. Every day, the goal at Covington & Co. is to provide you more value as we continue to grow and set ourselves apart. We owe it all to our family, friends, and customers. We love all your encouragement + feedback and we are inspired by you every single day. Thank you so much for your cherished support throughout this journey!

Asia Raasio
Owner of Covington & Co.