About Us


Covington & Co. was founded by Asia Raasio and Kayla Seppala. We are a sister-in-law duo based out of Hancock, located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (a place otherwise known as the Yoop.”) It's the part of Michigan often forgotten on U.S. maps, due to a few too many people mistaking it for Canada. We get more snow than most could imagine, and then some. Despite this, we were crazy enough to move here. So what do two shopping obsessed girls do when they live in a winter wonderland with no mall in a two-hundred mile radius? We open an online boutique!

We’ve hand picked each and every one of our pieces to create a brand of our own; hallmarked by timeless apparel with unique detail and character. Our goal is to provide unstoppable women with easy wear clothing they can feel both comfortable and confident in.

The story behind the name: Covington, Michigan is hometown to the great grandmother of Kayla's children. The name was first suggested by her husband, and after countless hours of trying to come up with something ourselves, we threw aside our pride and embraced it. After all, it had a pretty nice ring to it. From there, we got right to work on kick starting our home-based business and never looked back.

All great things have humble beginnings and we are proud of how far we’ve come. Every day, the goal at Covington & Cois to provide you more value as we share our discoveries and set ourselves apart. We owe it all to our family, friends, and customers. We love all your encouragement and feedback. Thank you for your cherished support throughout this journey!

Asia & Kayla